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Parenting Peak Performers Podcast

Dec 15, 2017

" a pitcher, you're sort of lonely out there. That doesn't bother him, failure doesn't bother him."

Andrew Deramo joins us to talk about his son, Andrew, currently pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays and their path in sports. Andrew is a firm believer in letting the child lead when it comes to choosing a sport. When his son decided to specialize in high school and give up basketball for a few years, Andrew didn't fight him, even though he disagreed.

For Andrew, parenting a "peak performer" was about continually "letting go" of his own expectations or desires to help give room for his son to grow and find his own path. As Andrew tells it, it's not about giving up parental authority or responsibility, but checking your own pride and ambition to help your child find their own way.

"Some parents take it WAY too serious. At a young age, they think if their kid is the best, he's going to be the best all the time."