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Parenting Peak Performers Podcast

Oct 11, 2021

“The biggest differentiator between people who do well in a pressure moment versus people who do below their capability is perception of the situation. You have to befriend it.” - Dr. Hendrie Weisinger


Dr. Hendrie Weisinger is a world-renowned psychologist and author of the recent New York Times Bestseller,

Mar 19, 2021

“They need someone outside of their sport to talk to about it. I never want my kids to feel like if they had a bad practice that I’m also going to be mad that they had a bad practice. How can we be that support? We should be their biggest advocate, but that does not mean that we’re marching onto the fields...

Jan 17, 2021

“As parents, you guys are probably the best monitors of your children’s behavior because you’ve been watching them from the time they were born, and honestly, you’re a better expert on your child than I am so I tend to trust parents on that.” - Dr. Rolando Gonzalez

Dr. Rolando Gonzalez is a sports psychiatrist...

Apr 30, 2020

“We’ve asked the kids - do you like it better here now that your parents are outside? And, unfortunately, a lot of them say ‘yes.’” -- Anthony Telford 

Anthony Telford spent 9 seasons as a MLB pitcher, but now he’s a father and a coach who works closely with both up-and-coming athletes and their parents. 


Apr 23, 2020

“You’re a lot more than the sport you play. You’re a human being too, and sometimes that gets lost.” - Nick Buonocore 

For a lot of families, their traditional view of sports has changed. What was once a tool for exercise, discipline, and fun is now perceived as a vehicle to college scholarships. The mindsets of...