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Parenting Peak Performers Podcast

Jul 16, 2019

What key traits make a person successful inside and outside of athletics? And how can athletes find an identity outside of their sport?

My conversation with LSU assistant swim coach Steve Mellor addresses these questions, as well as the important relationship between an athlete and coach. In addition, we discuss how parents can encourage their students to speak up, in a respectful manner, in the pressure-filled collegiate sports environment.

I’m thrilled to have Steve Mellor on the show today because he has deep experience as both a high-level competitor and coach. Mellor began his illustrious swimming career in his home country, England, where he competed at an international level before making his way to the States to swim for North Carolina State in 2005.

During his time as a collegiate swimmer, Mellor racked in an astonishing list of achievements.

  • Set two NC State swim records — one for the 200-back and another for the 400 IM

  • Received All - ACC honors from 2007 to 2009

  • Qualified for the NCAA three times, with a top - 18 finish in the 200-back in 2008

  • Achieved a world-ranked status in 2005 and 2008, being named in the top 50 for the 200-

    meter backstroke

  • Competed as a finalist in 2008’s US Open

Mellor has now served as LSU’s Assistant Swim Coach for 5 years, where he’s helped guide a number of student-athletes to SEC and NCAA Championships.

You’re going to love Mellor’s unique, dual insights as both an athlete and a coach, and if you want more of what you heard today, go check out Steve’s podcast Career Competitor. It offers personal interviews that help reveal shared traits among competitors in high-level sports, and how those traits can be applied to careers outside of athletic competition.

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