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Parenting Peak Performers Podcast

Jan 9, 2019

Making it to the institution is not the goal, the goal is longevity. - Dr. Angel Brutus


Welcome back to season three - our season of experts! Kathy’s conversation this week hones in on how the context between high school and college athletics can differ, and how to act as an advocate and guide for your students during that important time of transition. Dr. Angel Brutus is a member of Mississippi State University Sports Medicine and Performance team, serving as their very first Director of Counseling and Sport Psychology. She serves in this role after managing a private practice based in Atlanta, Georgia where she provided clinical and sport performance services to individuals, teams and organizations. Her training includes Licensed Professional Counseling in Georgia and Mississippi, Certified Rehabilitation Counseling, and Sport-Performance Psychology consulting, which gives her the opportunity to provide holistic services based on clients' clinical and performance needs. She currently serves as coordinator for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology's Race & Ethnicity in Sport Special Interest Group and is a member of the Women in Sport, Eating Disorders in Sport, Adaptive Sport & Physical Activity groups and multiple committees within the Association (Nomination Leadership Development, Ethics, and Community Outreach). She spends her time out of the office serving as a community volunteer with philanthropic organizations targeting at-risk youth, and mentoring students interested in pursuing careers in the helping profession. If you liked this episode, remember to rate our show and leave a review for us on your favorite podcast app!